Control your devices from web pages or application from anywhere around the world

WebPages are stored for free in RemoteMe cloud. You can easly add buttons and controls to communicate with Your devices. Then webPages can be exported as Smartphone application with few clicks

RemoteMe is a PaaS system (Platform as a service). It provides solutions that facilitate communication, control and collect data from IoT (Internet of things) devices.

Simplest Quick start

  • Create an account at

    • It's 100% free
    • Secured
  • Open webPage and control devices !

    • You can open it at your PC
    • Scan QR code to open at mobile Phone
    • send link to friends so they can control your device
  • Create webPage using wizard

    • easy to add components
    • You can build your own comonents
    • webpage is hosted for free at remoteMe cloud
    • You can easly change your html,javascript,css files if its needed
    • Open sources libraries which You can use to control your webpage and devices
  • Generate code for your device using the wiazards

    • You can generate sketch for ESP8266, ESP32 (Arduino)
    • You can add directly from system python scripts to your RasbperryPi
    • Open sources libraries You can use to extend functionality, or program other devices
  • Customization

    in the harwdware device code implement what device should do when user interact with compoennts at webPage, You can add for example code to turn a bulp

Our Mission - Communicate Your IoT devices , build whatever You want from smartHome, weather station to the internet control FPV car Is a completely customizable systems which helps you to communicate with your IoT devices. With our software and libraries you can build and host your webpages at our cloud to control your devices, or use Smartphone application. We provided wizards to automatically generate webPages and sketch so you don't have to code everything from scratch.

  • Free - seriosuly no charges
  • Secured
  • Multiple components working out of the box
  • Host Your control webPages at our cloud
  • No VPN, public ip require
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Fully customizabled
  • Support multiple devices, esp8266, RaspberryPi, esp32
  • Charts to display data from your sensors
  • Guest mode - allow person you trust to control your devices
  • Smartphone application
  • Android application
  • Wizards to create arduino/ python scripts
  • Status of your devices
  • Rest Api for your applications
  • Fully customizable code
  • Lots of examples such remote control cars, smarthome

Multiple Connections Types

  • slide
  • slide
  • slide

Direct Blazing Fast RasperryPi connection

You can connect your Raspberry Pi, directly over internet using the box WebRTC connection. It fits great, sending live video preview and low latency control instruction. Perfect for steering car over internet