An application that communicates your devices such as arduino, RaspberryPi, nodeMCU, or anything else that has the ability to connect to the Internet

Host pages to control devices in RemoteMe cloud

With the RemoteMe application, you can host your websites to control your devices in the RemoteMe cloud. Only you and the users who have the generated key have access to them. You can have as many pages as you like.

  • Create a “webPage” device
  • Drag files to your website (.html, .js, .css, .png) or create files from your browser
  • Open your website in the browser, or generate a link to open your page without logging in




Store your measurements in the RemoteMe database with easy access via Rest Api

RemoteMe application has Api thanks to which you can save your measurements directly from arduino (or anybody else) connected to the Internet to the RemoteMe database. Saved data can be easily read / deleted through the prepared Rest Api that you can refer to from your pages or from other devices


Save  three numbers – temperature, humidity, pressure to the database to three separate “columns”


Checkout example

Send messages between your devices

The biggest advantage of the RemoteMe application is the easy sending of messages between devices, regardless of whether they are in the same Wifi network or at the other end of the world.

You can send messages synchronously. Example of sending an array [1,1,2,3,5] to a device with id 123 ( id is also a device address ). You can use this type of message to control the LED, send data to the display, etc.



Python Rasbperry Pi



It is easy to send messages using a socket, webSocket, and rest connections that can be implemented in any language or ITTT services

You can also send messages asynchronously. For example, when you need to read the temperature from a thermometer connected to Arduino

Javascript - odczyt temperatury

Arduino - zwrócenie wyników

Send video and control over the Internet without lag

Thanks to webRTC technology, remoteMe creates a direct connection between your RasbperryPi and the browser, thanks to which video is sent without delay, and the control is without lag. On RasbperryPi you run the remoteMe program which sends video to your website – you do not need any plugins the image will be displayed in every modern browser, also on the tablet and cell

Here You can find examples