Control and collect data from IoT devices from anywhere around the world

Using web pages hosted for free and mobile applications fully customisable!

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The entire RemoteMe system is in the cloud. Thanks to this, you can access it from anywhere around the globe over the Internet

Create web pages

WebPages are stored for free in RemoteMe cloud. You can easly add buttons and controls to communicate with your devices

Mobile applications

The webPages can be exported as Smartphone application with few clicks. You can also send push notifications even if your application is not running

Store Your Measurements

From your devices, you can save measurements and statuses to the database. You can display this saved data as a graph on your webPages


With the Arduino libraries, you can easily connect your devices to the RemoteMe system and communicate with them

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi program allows you to connect your Pi to RemoteMe, this program also takes care of your Python scripts that you can edit from the level of web interface