Home Automation Using RemoteMe & Arduino Remote LITE App.

Introduction :-

Hello guys,

In this project I will be sharing with you all, how to use RemoteMe & Arduino Remote Lite app to control relays. which can be used in multiple projects like home automation, etc. Using this you don’t have to be in the house to control the relay as it can be done over the internet from any where around the world.

I will try to explain this in details still trying to keep it simple so this might be a long post.

If you have no experience with RemoteMe check out Control Devices Over Internet. and Simple Weather Station posts to get an idea.

With that been said, Lets jump right into it.

What You Will Require :-

Hardware Components :-

  1. ESP8266 dev board (You can use arduino with ESP01 module or Raspberry Pi)
  2. Relay board. (I have used a 4ch relay, you can even use 8ch or 16ch relays)
  3. Breadboard. (For prototyping, you can make it permanent on PCB if you want)
  4. Male to Female jumper wires.
  5. 9v battery. (To power the relay)

Software Components :-

  1. Arduino IDE. (To upload the code)
  2. RemoteMe account.
  3. Arduino Remote Lite app.

Setting Up the IDE :-

First things first, We have to set up the IDE and install all the required libraries.
In order to be able to program the ESP board using arduino IDE, your IDE needs some modification. Here I have…Continue Reading.