Alarm to spartphone after move detect


there is not much description – when the motion sensor detects movement on the smartphone will be sent push notification. In the configuration, you can set how many times the motion is to be detected (twice by default) in a specified period of time (20 seconds by default). Second configuration is for how long after the notification has been sent not to resend the notification. The project doesn’t require you to know how to write an android application 🙂


There is also a control diode in the diagram that lights up when motion is detected

  • LED Cathode through a resistor to GND
  • LED Anode to motion sensor output
  • Motion sensor Vcc to 5v (Vin)
  • Motion sensor GND to GND
  • Motion sensor output to D5

My motion sensor on the output has a voltage of 3.3v so I can connect it directly to ESP

When the motion sensor detects motion on the D5, it will send a high state

Let’s do this

This is a quick start project and it takes a few clicks to build it

in the quick projects tab we choose our project:

“Send notification when movement detected” then “Read more or Buid it”

“Buid It” tab then we enter the name of our wifi network and password (if we do not want to do it now we can complete it in the source code)

then click “Next step” until we can build the project:

after clicking “Build project” the project will be built

now we import applications for a mobile phone (I use with Android) click on the marked button (1)

in the window that appears, click configure and you will get:

We scan the QR code or send a link to the android (we can copy it using the green copy button) which we open in the chrome browser on Android.

The browser will ask us if to add applications to the main screen, and whether we want to receive push notifications – we agree. (more about installation article about mobile application in RemoteMe and article about push notification in RemoteMe )

after agreeing, the program icon will appear on your desktop (the icon can be changed in the website files). After opening the application, a text will be displayed to us that the application is only used for receiving push notifications, and more importantly, the bell icon in the bottom right corner should turn green and disappears. This means that push notifications have been added correctly.


in the window where we created the project there is a button to download the source code:

source code is downloaded to a computer and uploaded to our ESP.

after uploading the program to ESP, go to the devices tab, where our device will have a connected state:


now when our sensor detects movement (twice within 20s) on the phone we will receive push notifications.

Push notifications can also be received on a computer (I described this in the introduction to the PWM application)

in addition, you can read the article about PWA applications in RemoteMe

and for people who are stuck at some point I recommend a similar article where I send push notifications after pressing the button there is also a video where it shows step by step how to run the project

I also encourage you to understand the source code loaded into ESP

The project, of course, is not suitable as an anti / burglar alarm, the thief in miniature is only to draw your attention;)

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