I’ve made a  raspberryPI robot with camera You can see how it works at movie below:

PS this is very beggining of my project. In the future I will prepare more posts

Camera is the special one for raspberries this camera of course sending image through  webRTC ( beetwen raspberryPi and browser is a direct connection, so lags are very small). Through the same direct connection I sent instructions from gamepad, mouse and keyboard.

Raspberry pi & Arduino


Biggest challenge was raspberryPi program, this program at the beggining creating websocket conneciton with server and waits for information about WebRTC connection. After connection is established image is sent directly into browser (from this moment server is no longer participating in communication process)

The second job repair program, is sending communicates from the browser (gamepad, mouse position) into Arduino. Sending these data is through Serial ( of course logic converters was used because RPI uses 3.3v and Arduino 5v), then Arduino steers servo mechanism ( by special module – ISP communication) and directly into Dual Motor Driver ( tb6612  ).

Server side

For now only two jobs: first one is to serve Html site and second: server is simple websocket broker beetwen borwser and RaspberryPi

Html site

Besides initialize webRTC connection its monitor gamepad, keyboard, and mouse and after its normalized sending this data into raspberryPi. Gamepad is handled by javascript API ( you can try how it works : http://html5gamepad.com/  )



Component Cost
Chassis 40 $ With drive motor and servo
Camera 12 $
Battery 21 $ Not recommend this one
Servo Driver 2 $
Camera Mount Gimbal 7 $
Step Down Buck Converter  4 $
Arduino 3 $ atmega 328P
 Dual Motor Driver  1 $  TB6612
 Raspberry pi W  15 $
 Logic Level Converter 0.25$
 Others  ?
 Together  ?+105 $



The battery is very bad and I don’t recommend this one. I’m going to buy new one. Responsiveness is very good, steering is easy. As i said in the movie if more of You will be interested I will prepare more about software and will prepare instructions so all of You will be able to build something similar 🙂