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Messages are the most important thing in remotemeApp. Messages are send into/from devices, or remotemeSystem. In Most cases during programming RemoteMe.org You will use libraries (available for javascript, python, c++) So You don’t have to think about message structures itself.

Each message type is described at documentation, where also are shown eaxample how to send messages using out of the box libraries.

You can send messages using multiple protocols such as WebSocket, Socket, Webrtc, or Rest Api, no matter how message will be sent its always reach destination device at the same common format.

For now there is no documentation about each type of used messages, in normal use of Remoteme.org You will be using libraries to sent messages and receiving messages.

All messages are open source and You can check structures and types of messages directly at sourcecode.

The most common use Message type is UserMessage with fields:

  • MessageType: 2 bytes, for UserMessage is equal to 100 ( all message ids list )
  • MessageSize: 2bytes, total size of message deosnt include MessageType, and size field itself
  • UserMessageSettings:1byte – used to provide deliver timeout for messages (not implemented now)
  • receiverDeviceId: 2 bytes, deviceId where message will be sent
  • senderDeviceId: 2 bytes, deviceId from which message was sent
  • messageId: 2 bytes, not used now
  • message: x bytes,

First two fields (MessageType and MessageSize ) are present at all messages, rest bytes representation is based on messageType