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Instalation on RasbperryPi

https://app.remoteme.org/ signup at SingUp tab- (important note there is no need to give your email address so there is no possibility get the password back) – after signup You willbe automaticly log-in

Register RasbperryPI at app.remoteme.org. You need to have already configured console connection for example Putty and setup up camera and I2C communication here I’ve written how to do that here

In directory where we want to install program ( later we can easly change it by moving directory to diffrent location) run git clone

It will download the program and all needed files. lets open this directory

and install

What installation is doing under the hood:

  • installs python library https://pypi.python.org/pypi/psutil
  • installs python library https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_Python_PCA9685
  • changing conf.json file the file is located at remotem directory

When system asks us if to install libraries we choose yes [ y Enter ]

Then system attemps to install our credtentials to connect app.remoteme.org

“Provide Token and press enter” at webpage https://app.remoteme.org at Tokens lets copy new created token:

and paste it (shift + Insert) to the putty, next provide name of our RaspverryPi for example RPi and device Id for example 200:

all commands:

and run remoteme.sh


at https://app.remoteme.org/en/#/app/devices we have new created device

green icons: shows that device is connected right now.

Let’s make an experiment, restart the program at the putty and let’s check what happens with the icon