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Web Page

My webPage is behavie strange (some components are not working, nothing is working and site is diplayed)
RemoteMe is under constructions and some changes in libraries are not backward compatible. In this case create new webPage using the template You created for current WebPage, then open index.html in edit mode, copy header section and paste it in the current webPage. If You have chagne soomething in current webPage header You need to add ofcourse after pasting header from new index.html


Arduino does not connect to my remoteMe
Check if You provide proper wifi password and name. If they are correct, try to use diffrent method of connection ( plain socket ) choose proper option in Communication details code generation details choose "Use websocket connection".
Device is not connecting anymore
Check if token used by a device was not removed from the system.
My code is not compiling

Download this three libraries - or update into newest versions

  • remoteMe
  • remoteMeUtils
  • WebSockets by Markus Sattler <- Users often forget about this one and its needed for Direct Connections

library Sketch -> include library -> manage libraries

Email : contact@remoteme.org