Main assumotions is system which helps you sending  messages to your deivces. (Also through the internet)
RemoteMe its also a library set which can be used at webPages,arduino, RasbperryPI and helps You communicate with system itself. We also provide a space for You webPages which can be used to control your devices.


Simple diagram shows registration process

devices is:

Each of device has to have:

If you plan to connect several ESP to the system they should have independent deviceId.

Each device has implementet libraries:

This libraries should be used to communicate with, there are several wizards which helps You to generate code and functions. Knowledge of this libraries are usefull for advanced users.

Devices are moslty connected to the system using plain socket protocol (ESP) or websockets for WebPages and RasbeprryPI,  Mainly connections are established and implemented by libraries, and end users should not think about it.

Connection status is shown next to device name in devices tab:

Connection Types

Messages send messages beetwen Your devices, and or remoteMe system. There are several types of messaging ( to know excatly what is send check source code ). Most of them are for keeping working like register deviceType, notify about variable change, ping message etc. User can  send two types of messages:

The easiest way to use remoteMe is instead of sending messages changing variables state


Its kind of publish subscriber paradigm, in remoteMe its called variables. At remoteMe You can  created variables, connected devices observe specified variables for change, when variable value is changed ( by other device or by scheduler) Observing devices are getting notifications.

Variable handling is made by the api, for esp, raspberryPi python script, the code can be generated by the wizard, for webPages javascript can be used to change and observe variables, but easiest way is to create out of the box components

more about variables here

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