Points and Limits

Because the RemoteMe platform is free of charge, we’ve introduced limits and points. Limits are designed in such a way as not to limit the possibility of creating cool projects at the beginning. At the same time, you can collect points and exchange them to increase your limits.

  1. Points and limits can be found in a separate tab
  2. Click to add the coupon or learn how to add points
  3. Limiting the number of files – the maximum number of files you can have in the RemoteMe platform
  4. The maximum size of a single file
  5. The history of variables that will not be rounded to one hour – entries older than X days will be archived, only the entries closest to the full hour will remain in the system
  6. Number of variable history entries (each variable has its own limit) – after exceeding the limit, the history of variables will be deleted starting from the oldestPunkty i limity znajdują się w osobnej zakładce

The limit can be increased by clicking the green button, the button is written  how much the limit will be increased and how much points  it will cost

Top up points

clicking on the “2” button

at the top we can enter your coupon and describe how to get more points. The easiest way is to send a link to groups or friends after clicking which and after registration, the referrer gets points. Additional points You will get after user registeres using your link will be activly using RemoteMe