Raspberry Pi


RasbperryPi can be connected to our account similar way as other devices, but adding process is little bit diffrent. Since we are not adding RasbperryPi from our account at app.remoteme.org but from RasbperryPi itself.

It was tested on RasbperryPI zeroW and RasbperryPi 3. But should work with any others RasbperryPi with network access as well

Adding RasbperryPi

first login with putty or other terminal to your rasbperryPI

then in directory when we want instalatino process create remoteme directory we run

Program will make only changes in remoteme directory and will not change anything else (except installing python libraries )

git clone git://github.com/remoteme/remoteme.git

pro tip ūüôā : to paste in putty use shift+insert

It will clone repository with needed files into remoteme directory

let’s open this directory

cd remoteme

and run isntallation script

python3.5 install.py

this installation wizard will ask us some questions

isntalation will ask us to isntall this libraries

When system asks us if to install libraries we choose yes [ y Enter ]

Then system attemps to install our credtentials to connect app.remoteme.org

and we paste it (shift+insert for putty)

we provice deviceName (for example Rpi ) , then deviceId (some deivceId which is not used yet (most cases)) (for example 1)

when system will ask us to provide token we copy it from our account from app.remoteme.org from token tab.

at the end we got information about sucess:

(if You want to chagne something run instalation process again or manual provide changes into conf.json)

then we run script


we will got something similar to this:

and our Rpi is connected:

at https://app.remoteme.org/en/#/app/devices we have new created device

green icons: shows that device is connected right now.

Let’s make an experiment, restart the program at the putty and let’s check what happens with the icon


Its good to run git pull command at remoteme directory to donload newest version or program.

What has just happened:

by cloning repository we jsut donloaded files into remoteme directory


Its not recomended to edit any of this files except media_config.conf, webrtc_streamer.conf these files arefor video live preview more here

Please more about how to manager your devices here