Variable scheduler

Before start read geenral information about variables first

Variable scheduler is mechanism which allows You to change variable state automaticly at given time.

Variable to be scheduled has to be persistant – it means even if there is no observers at time of variable changed, the variable will be send to them after they connect.

It supports two way of triggers:



First of all variable has to be set as scheduled :

When this option is on and after expand configuration of scheduler is visible:

  1. Plus is for adding schedulers

Adding new scheduler

After click plus window for adding scheduler appears

  1. Variable will be cahgned periodically
  2. Variable will be change once
  3. Cron expression – Its standard implementation of cron except second field which is always 0
  4. Human readable cron expression – after You cahnge cron expression description will be changed
  5. You can choose example of cron expression
  6. Values to set,
    • the form of value is based on value type for example for booleans is true or false
    • there are set of variables | separated, for example if specified 1|2|3 first variable will be change to 1 after another call will be 2, then 3 and 1 again etc
  7. Simulate click it to check to waht values variable will be chagned when
  8. Save scheduler

Variable scheduler does not update your variable with second precision, the precision is about 1 minute so Your variable can be set 15 second after hour You set to call.

You can have as many schedulers as You want. For example one scheduler can turn on relay at 18:00 each day and another turn off relay at 06:00 each day

After scheduler is created You can deactivate it, edit or removed.

After variable is changed by scheduler all observating devices got notifications.