Before start read general assumptions first



Variable has:

Variabels are recognized by name and type. It means You can have two variables with the same name but diffrent type.


Variable Mode


Variable Type:

Based on needs You need to choose what type of variable You need, for realy for example it should be boolean since relay has two states, for color RGB led You should choose  SmallInteger3  etc.


Variable properties

history variable cannot be scheduled, scheduled variable cannot be history . Both history and scheduled has to be persistent. For remote Mode persistant is true, history is false, scheduler is false


Variable belt (visible at variable tab):

  1. Mode of variable : remote, : local
  2. Pesristent properties ( strong color – is turn on by clicking You can change)
  3. History properties ( strong color – is turn on by clicking You can change, after expand You can check history)
  4. Scheduled  ( strong color – is turn on by clicking You can change, after expand more options read more here)
  5. Type
  6. Name
  7. Last set value of variable, with set time ( its visible for persistent variables, or after variable change when this view is open)
  8. More – You can edit, remove or set state of variable

After variable change the belt are become green and slowly fadeout


Expanded variable belt

  1. Current observing devices – this is devices which will be notify after this variable will be changed
  2. History of variable – visible only if variable history properties is set
  3. ( not visible beacsue current variable is historical ) Scheduler – more about scheduling here


Adding :

Variables can be created manually – from variable tab, and by clicking new variable at right top corner:

and can be add automaticly after one of the device start observing, or set value of variable ( it happens when You add components into the webPage)


Set/read variable:

Example of variables messaging

Read more

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