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One of the function of remoteMe is to control your devices throught the webPage. WebPage is one of the device ( You can send messages to them, and use webPage to sending message) hosts webPages for You. You can store three types of files here: .html, .js, .css. max file size is 100KB if You need more space, please contact.

Stored files are secured, it means only You and a persons with access link can see the webPage and use it to control your devices.

To create a new WebPage from device tab choose New Device and New webPage device :

  • name webPage name
  • deviceId – needs to be unique
  • template – prefedined templates downloaded from github . You cannot add your own tempaltes for now.

After create new WebPage its visible at device tab:

at the image is shown some not obsious functions:

  1. open FTP creditentials
    • Its most comfortable way of editing files – but it requires some settings so it should be used only if You plan edit a lot. IN this case You can use your favorite IDE or editor to edit the files
    • Opens FTP settings for our webPage, You can use for example winSCP is recommended
    • after open FTP turn on file synchronization with one of your local directory (option in filezilla or winscp)
    • after file changed at your local system its upload automaticly to the remoteMe cloud
  2. create a new file
  3. drop are, You can drag frop files from your local computer and it will upload automaticly ( if there is a file with the same name it will be replaced !)
  4. Keys for temporary access to your webPage will be described in another article

Each of file has own menu (after click on it) and options should be cleared

The files are accessible after:

  1. Ordinary login to the system ( using your password and username )
  2. Login to system using token as username and password one of your token
  3. Anonymous link –  available after click at index.html and choosed get anymous link (Warning  One anonimus link gives access to all of your webPages – after chaging it a little ! And allows to send messages to all of your devcies)
    1. To generate anonymous click at index.html and then “get anonymous  link”
    2. anymous link is based on one of choosed token – after token delete and active session already created by token is expire link will not work anymore ( usefull when You want to give link to some person then remove access later).
    3. anymouse link can be rewritten to browser address, copied  or scan QR code   icon
    4. after anonymous access a webPage user will have enough rights to send messages to all of your devices !, for now there is no possibility to set device permission per token


index.html imports your files and libraries. In particular its importing remoteMe javascript libraries and css to allow communication with remoteMe system and your devices. Library is descripted here 

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WebPage Components
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