WiFi Controlled Robot Using Esp8266

In this Instructable I will be sharing how to make a simple Robot using ESP8266 as the brain.
This robot can be remotely controlled using Android Remote LITE app or using a web browser.
We will be using RemoteMe servers to achieve remote connection. As always I will try to keep it as simple as possible.

I recommend you read this post to lean about RemoteMe.

So lets get started...


Step 1: What We Need :-

Hardware Components :-

  1. ESP8266 dev board. (You can use ESP32 )
    Link for US.
    Link for Europe.
  2. L298N Motor Driver.
    Link for US.
    Link for Europe.
  3. 2 x DC Geared motor.
    Link for US.
    Link for Europe.
  4. 9 -12v Battery.
    Link for US.
    Link for Europe.
  5. Mini Breadboard.
    Link for US.
    Link for Europe.

Software Components :-

  1. Arduino IDE.
  2. Arduino Remote LITE.
  3. Account at RemoteMe.

For the chassis of the robot I have used foam board.
If you want you can use readily made chassis :-
2 Wheel Drive Chassis. (USEurope)

4 Wheel Drive Chassis. (USEurope)


Step 2: Designing the Chassis :-

As mentioned before, I made the base for robot using foam board. Below I have provided the Sketchup file for the robot. You can download it and view it using
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